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Alex Lisi is a film composer, music producer and musician who composed music for several indie movies, video games and tracks for content creators. Some of his songs released for free under royalty free license have been rated by hundreds of people as one of the best available on YouTube, streamed by more than 200.000 users.

Alex Lisi’s production style for soundtracks and custom songs combines both acoustic and synthetic elements to create a hybrid sounding track, mixing futuristic and electronic sounds with more traditional and epic orchestral arrangements. In the last years he produced music for several PC games now available online worldwide on Steam, constantly asked by video makers and game developers to score their tracks, Alex Lisi is also pursuing his artist career producing Electronic Dance Music and Hip Hop. Several tracks including 'Daftcomb' and 'Pyro' have been featured on worldwide electronic charts for weeks in stores such as Beatport.

Tired of Royalty Free tracks that tons of people use in their projects? If you want to own a personal, original and tailored track for your project Alex Lisi can produce and finalize your music for a great online and TV impact, creating a professional sounding track in the style you want. Really low and affordable prices based on your project, the music production style and the length of the composition.

Alex Lisi's cinematic tracks are top rated and acclaimed but hundreds of people around the world. Tailored soundtrack scoring and production from short YouTube channel intro tracks to full length movies. Alex Lisi has been producing a wide number of music genres including Electronic Dance Music, Hip Hop, Trap, Electro, Pop and Rock. Are you a singer or a rapper? Are you searching for a theme song for your project? Editing your music and vocal tracks for your videos, linking them together with cool sound effects and cinematic transitions. This process gives a professional feel and a proper audio level (loudness) to your video or trailer.
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