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Custom Music?

I'm constantly working with directors, youtubers and producers to provide them original and quality music for their projects. 

Starting from $50

**NEW** Falling Apart - Style: Sad/Emotional/Orchestral DOWNLOAD

**NEW** Final Strike - Style: Epic/Trailer/Intense DOWNLOAD

**NEW** Ghost Stories - Style: Scary/Creepy/Paranormal DOWNLOAD

Incoming - Style: Tension / Rising / Shepard Tone FREE DOWNLOAD

Trepidation - Style: Villain Theme/Scary/Serial Killer DOWNLOAD

WAR GODS - Style: Action/Epic/Cinematic/War DOWNLOAD

Infiltration at Dawn - Style: Action/Gaming/Cinematic DOWNLOAD

Helipad Siege - Style: Action/War/Epic DOWNLOAD

Tactics - Style: Action/Gaming/Tactical DOWNLOAD

Speed Chase - Style: Running/Action/Chasing DOWNLOAD

Haunted Places - Style: Horror/Creepy/Supernatural DOWNLOAD

Feelin' Fine - Style: Happy/Relaxing/Background DOWNLOAD

New Horizon - Style: Epic/Cinematic/Adventure DOWNLOAD

Old Pictures - Style: Dramatic/Romantic/Sad DOWNLOAD

Epic Trailer Music - Style: Epic/Teaser/Movie Trailer DOWNLOAD